5 Stocks That Are Making Moves Today!

This is considered peak earnings seasons to many.

After first quarter results have been announced, there is naturally many stocks on the move for better or worse depending on their current outlook for the reaming fiscal year, and having good first quarter numbers is crucial for investors to feel at ease.

Let’s take a look at 4 stocks that are absolutely crushing it as of today, thanks in part to their awesome first quarter numbers, and 1 stock that has had a rough start to the new quarter.


Amazon’s stock is up over 15% after its earnings forecast blew way past predictions. Their biggest surprises comes in the form of their Web Services and cloud computing business. Both are doing way better than expected, which is always a treat for investors.


Microsoft’s stock rallied by up to 7.5%, which is a nice boost of earnings regardless of soft expectations in the PC market.


Stocks soared today as they are currently up roughly 5%, this was do largely in part after the company reported better than expected total sales for stores that have been open at least 13 months.


The rich get richer, and Google is without a doubt apart of that equation. Shares jumped up another 2.5%, based solely on investors being pleased with the pace of growth even though they have had some interesting forecasts fall short of expectations.


Unfortunately not every company can be in the green today, just like many have risen to some nice gains, there are those poor companies that are experiencing some losses as well. Shares have dropped over 6%, which is interesting because profit have surged 70%, but the biotech company missed on some earnings and revenues.



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