Proof That Chiropractic Care Works! (Video)



There has seemingly always been sort of a negative connotation regarding chiropractic care, and chiropractors in general. Many have said that they are “fake” doctors, and are just like snake oil salesman, trying to scam you out of your money.

This story should really open your eyes, and show a fresh perspective as to just how dynamic of a treatment plan this can be. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors are real doctors, and also go through post graduate medical school, with an equally rigorous academic schedule. Surgery is expensive, and sometimes just alleviates the symptoms not correcting the source of the main issue. The body is a fascinating vessel, and when properly aligned the nervous system can flourish, and help heal itself properly. Many people deal with spinal issues for years before they think about seeking help, finally chiropractic care is starting to become less of a stigma in society, and really looked at as a great holistic alternative to surgery and medication. It is time for the rest of the country to hop on board, but keep in mind not all chiropractors are alike, just like any profession there are elite doctors.

A 17 year old patient shares his story with world renowned Dr. Ian, who is an advanced Gonstead Chiropractor, practicing in Australia.  Dr. Ian has a YouTube channel called Chiropractic Excellence, which has shown some really incredible adjustments, with a wide range of different underlying issues. This most recent video really stood out, and should end up going quite viral throughout the chiropractic community. This step by step video is a great in depth look at just how incredible chiropractics can be.

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