4 Reasons Jurassic World Might Be Better Than the Original




Hollywood loves to pump out sequels, reboots, or re-imagining all the time, and many think that the story gets played out in the worst ways possible.

Might even be thinking to yourself “why do we need another?” The original of the series is typically the best, but that does not mean sequels do not have their awesome moments, and shine bright at times. We will be creating a top sequels list eventually so make sure to stay tuned for that, but for now we will be addressing the new upcoming film Jurassic World, and the original 1993 Jurassic Park.

Lets countdown 4 reasons why Jurassic World might become the best in the franchise.

4. The attractions

The first film had to really set the stage, and the dinosaurs were incredible, but the park itself was very meh. We never got a full glimpse of the park, never truly felt what it would have been like as a visitor to the Jurassic Park, more behind the scenes as an employee working for the park. With the new film we can expect big thrills when it comes to the attractions, putting us right in the driver seat of the awesome theme park. We can fully see and understand what the crowds would see if this were to exist at all.  It looks and feels like Disneyland setup exactly how we would want it. It has the look and feel of a true zoo for dino lovers.

3. Casting

This film has been rumored for over 10 years, clearly having its fair share of development issues. Perhaps everything happens for a reason, because casting Chris Pratt in the lead role seems like a perfect fit for the film. Pratt has become an A-list actor the last few years, especially after the very successful Guardians of the Galaxy, which grossed over $1 billion. It is his charisma that will drive the tone, and excitement for the film, adding some humor as well, blending everything perfectly. There are other notable stars like Bryce Dallas Howard, and Vincent D’Onofrio, but clearly Pratt will be the main reason this film stands out from the others. The original had a fairly weak cast, and while they did a good job in the original the sequels fell flat on acting ability.

2. New Dino’s  vuljydbeefmco0ezptwh

Many fans of the series have wanted to see some aquatic dinosaurs shown off, which is truly terrifying. Meet the Mosasaurus the 60 foot long main attraction of the water park. This beast feasts on great white sharks as a quick snack, so if you were frightened of white sharks, this creature will truly be your worst nightmare. The genuineness at the park have cooked up a new dino, and it is a freak of nature blending DNA of the T-Rex, Raptor, and snake. A true Frankenstein, yikes. This new addition to the park can run up-to 30 miles an hour, is covered in bony spikes, and can possibly even communicate with other dinosaurs.

1. The stakes are high

The original film was undergoing a test run of the park, so not many employees or any visitors were apart of the drama that would unfold. The reason why this new film adds so much tension, is because the stakes are incredibly high. The park is at full capacity, so when things go terribly wrong over 20,000 peoples lives are at stake. The Lost World, let a T-Rex lose in San Diego, which was one of the most exciting scenes in the entire series, but this is what fans have been dying for. There are not enough boats to evacuate everyone safely, so that means, there will be plenty of prey for the rogue dinosaurs.



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