15 Shocking Reality TV Star Salaries

snookie-salary-main[wp_ad_camp_1]Chances are when you turn on your TV, no matter what time it is you’ll have no less than three to four reality tv shows to choose from. Rewind the clock a few years and this was not the case at all. Now it seems like that’s all you’re able to watch. Not only that, but the term, “Reality TV Star” seems to be more common than “Movie Star”.

Whether it’s American Idol, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, you have your choice of reality tv shows to choose from and they all pretty much follow the same blueprint. One thing is certain, these reality tv stars are getting paid, big time. You have shows like, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” where the family was reportedly getting paid over $50,000 PER EPISODE! What about the “Jersey Shore” star, “Snookie” who reportedly was making $150,000 per episode towards the end of that series.

But, these people pale in comparison to our list of the top 15 paid reality tv stars. These 15 stars banked the most $$$ out of all of them. Wait till you see how much they made.

15. Willie Robertson – $1 million salary + Bonuses



After breaking records for viewers in 2013, Willie’s salary was bumped up from a measily $50K/episode to $1,000,000 per season with a $100,000 bonus for each episode that reaches over five million viewers.


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