The Top 20 Most Stylish Men On The Planet

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We are really busting out the skills on this one, there are literally thousands of candidates to consider. Tens of thousands of photos that needed expert analysis, the reason why this list is so hard to create is style in general is very subjective. Some people may think Pharrell looks incredible with his hat choices, while others see it as just silly.

Money doesn’t always create style, sometimes doing more with less is what true style means, so this is not about the worlds elite, and wealthy showing off their super rare designer clothes. Many of these finalist that made the cut probably have stylists, but it is more about how you carry yourself, showing off your confidence, and original authentic swag. When looking at these stylish men, it is about wanting to have that certain look, so overall style involves more than just clothes.


Here they are: The Top 20 Most Stylish Men On The Planet.

20. Kanye West

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