10 Most Beautiful Train Stations




While walking around in a hurry trying to get to your destination, you can easily overlook the beauty of your surroundings, just like anything else, but today we explore what train commuters have been taking for granted.

We are going to slow everything down, and take the time to appreciate the giant works of art that is the train station. Many deserve a much closer, and longer look into their beauty.

Without further ado here is the top 10 most beautiful train stations in the world that you need to visit.



1.Gare du Nord, Paris, France


This is a very impressive work of art, there are 23 female statues that fully decorate this station, giving it very unique character. The statues themselves represent all of the destinations this rail company connects too, which includes, Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, and Frankfurt to name a few.




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