Stop Absorbing Other Peoples Emotions




Emotions are very powerful feelings that can create fear, anger, frustration, sadness, and on the flip side can be blissful, happy, pure, and loving.

It is important to understand your feelings, and why, or what is making you feel the way you do. The more honest you are with yourself, and your feelings, the better it will be to fully become yourself.

The term “toxic people” is thrown around quite a bit, and for good reason, because other people can truly effect your life, not just with their actions, but with their feelings and energy. Like it or not we are all emotional sponges, and we can catch these types of negative energies from others, and it is very crucial to learn to cancel out others trying to manipulate you directly or indirectly. Learning to deflect all this free floating negative energy is vital, especially when in big crowds.

If your defenses start to wear down, you will become even more susceptible to this type of negative energy, and could cause chronic depression, anxiety, and many other unfortunate mental conditions. Empathy works this way, we become in tune with others feelings and emotions, and that is a great trait to have, just not all the time, because it will crush you.

This guide is created to help you harness your own feelings, and understand when others are infecting your thoughts and emotions, so you can live your life in a more positive light. The point of this guide is to ensure you are not shouldering a load that does not belong to you, overall making you happier.


1. Identify if you are susceptible

This is important to understand if you are possibly more susceptible than others, and here is a list to keep in mind, if you say yes to most of these than understand you need to keep reading.

  • People call you overly sensitive, not as a compliment.
  • You can sense fear, anxiety, stress, from other people.
  • You feel exhausted,drained, and unhappy in big crowds.
  • Noise, smells, and excessive talking can make you freak out a bit.
  • Must be alone to recharge your energy.
  • Feelings are easily hurt
  • Naturally giving, generous, and a good listener.
  • Always have an exit strategy, like bringing your own car to events.

2. Seek the source

You need to understand if the feeling is yours, or someone elses. It might be both, so true and pinpoint exactly what is causing these feelings, and look deep into why. Find the source, or root of the problem and try to fix it, typically the simplest answers are the best.

3. Distance yourself from the source

Some people may always seem to make you flustered, or give you anxiety, we call those people “toxic” and they need to be removed form your life. Your day is challenging enough, no need to have people in it who are consistently bothersome. If you are in public, and someone is giving off weird vibes, do not hesitate to switch seats, or move far away. Remember that your psyche comes first.

4. Center yourself

Connect to your most inner self, and connect to the essence of you. Breathing exercises are a perfect way to center yourself, deep inhales taking in the calm, and exhaling the negativity. This will purify yourself, and get rid of all the difficult emotions. You have to visualize the cloud lifting, and the rays of light shinning through to hit your soul, sound weird, but can yield awesome results. If you are reading this much, chances are you are very open minded, so this shouldn’t be too much of stretch.

5. Flush out your system

Negative thoughts and emotions like fear can latch onto your emotional center or solar plexus, causing you chronic problems. It is imperative to flush out all of this harm buy focusing on your Chakras and sending love and happiness to the areas. Mediation can be crucial.

6. Shield yourself

Many people gain the strength to protect themselves by visualizing a shield of white light that is protecting themselves from all of the negative thoughts and evil, many healers tell patients to try this.

7. Positivity team

It is important to surround yourself with positive people, those who see the good in people. It could be work colleagues, or friends, either way finding someone who sees the bright side of issues, or things going on can make everything less stressful and way better for your psyche.

This should apply to all situations, not just people you surround yourself with, there are toxic environments also to be aware of.

Surround yourself with peace and love, it will snowball, and make you feel the true essence of yourself. Compassion is very important, and channeling this raw emotion can open the flood gates, and help spread the love we all yearn for.

Hope this guide has helped you start your spiritual journey to a more peaceful mind, please stay tuned for more content.



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