Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Engaged!


Move over Jay-Z and Beyonce, there is a new king and queen in town!

Yesterday Nicki Minaj had a very curious tweet that she sent out, hinting at some really big news.

nicki minaj


Fans all around the world could barley keep their head on straight, who could be the lucky man to tie down such a powerful diva?

Meek Mill of course!

It appears this rap icon found his 5 star chick. The two have been seen together everywhere the last 4 or 5 months. Meek Mill fresh out of prison due to violating his parole instantly had some Instagram pictures waking up next to Nicki, thus starting the dating rumors. Then seen at NBA all-star game parties, night clubs, and even just some good old fashioned PDA while shopping at the mall. It appears Minaj fell for the “bad boy” of rap Meek Mill, and now there has been some incredible news that broke last night.

nicki ring

Look at that massive rock!

15 karat diamond ring, worth over $500,000, there is truly “levels” to this game.

This news comes at a bit of a shock, because nobody ever thought either of these music superstars would settle down, it is truly the new king and queen of the rap game!

Many know who Nicki Minaj is, she appears in tons of songs with famous rappers, like Drake, Lil Wayne, and continues to crush the top of charts with nearly every hot single she releases. On the flip side to those that are not truly plugged into the rap game, Meek Mill is a relativity unknown person, but he definitely isn’t when it comes to the hot Hollywood scene. Meek Mill has released tons of “bangers” and collaborated with the likes of Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne  Wale and many more of the main players in rap today. He is part of Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group aka MMG. His sophomore album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” is one of the most anticipated albums of all time, banking off his mix-tapes, this album should boost his bankroll to astronomical proportions.


There is no doubt that this is raps hottest couple, and they will only continue to

crush the game even more as husband and wife.

Congratulations Meek and Nicki!

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