Technology and the Effect it has on a Child’s Emotional Intelligence!


Technology has become an integral part of modern day life and it has unfortunately had a significant impact on emotional intelligence. Technology facilitates everyday life, but it also distracts individuals from personal interactions. The actions of posting your every thought and activity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others cause an ego boost in individuals, which is recognized as unhealthy behavior.

Youngsters today are ignorant about privacy intrusions and that makes them post rash and personal stuff that may backfire on them later on in a personal or professional level. Technology is not bad for your children, since it provides them with a platform to express their creativity, but it does have a negative impact on self awareness and their emotional intelligence.
The ability to stay alert and focus is impacted greatly by technology, since it causes distractions, which leads to low performance in the classroom. Emotional intelligence and the ability to focus and concentrate are closely related, and the one thing you need to focus on is developing that ability in your child. Adults today were not used distracted by the digital devices that are common today, which is why they have had better experiences and faced less problems with concentration.

Technology also affects the motivation of young children in the classroom, due to the evolution of video games and readily available information over the internet. The appeal of digital media has grown to such an unprecedented level that it dissuades students from finishing their tasks properly. Empathy is also trait of emotional intelligence, which has been affected greatly by technology. There is now less human interaction and verbal communication done between two individuals, since e-communication tools such as messaging and chat features on social media platforms allows individuals to communicate without meeting in person.

This increase in social isolation has seen a significant drop in empathy levels of young children, since they are not used to forming lasting connections with people. Technology has vastly improved the quality of life, but it does more harm than good to the emotional intelligence of a person, and therefore it is the right of every parent to monitor the level of exposure that their children are getting to technology, particularly at a young age. It may have an adverse affect on the child’s emotional intelligence.



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