The 10 Hottest WAGs Of Tennis Players



The French Open has officially begun, and what a better way to kick off the prestigious Tennis event than celebrating the Wives and Girlfriends of tennis stars, aka WAGS.

Thinking of all the beautiful ladies that cheer on their men in the bleachers, clapping ever so politely. In a game where the scoring system can mean “love”, we hope you love-love this gallery.

We will be serving up some hot aces and show off exactly why tennis players have it pretty dang good in life.

Sit back and rally with us all the way until the end of the slide show, they keep getting better. #10 is straight FIRE!


Zaira Nara


The perfect name and maybe the most perfect tennis WAG on the list. She moved on from soccer player Diego Forlan to Argentine tennis player Juan Monaco, and then broke that off in 2014. She still makes the list and for good reason. Once you are a WAG you are one for life. We make the rules.




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