Cryotherapy: The Chilling New Secret To Better Health


Just chill out!

If you thought this harsh past winter had some freezing cold moments, how does 220 degrees below zero sound?

Meet cryotherapy, this semi new treatment is catching on in America after decades of built up momentum across seas. This specific treatment is known as whole body cryotherapy, and its 2-3 minutes of exposure to freezing nitrogen gas.

The procedure is said to shock the system, and stimulate a direct nervous system response along with immune system reboot. It is quite the rush, and many sports teams are already adopting this therapy as opposed to ice baths now, notably the New York Knicks, and star player Carmelo Anthony. It will be only a matter of time before more professional sports teams find out just how much more valuable this treatment is instead of traditional ice baths.

“The temperatures are ranging from minus 184 degrees Fahrenheit — I know it sounds scary — to minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Joanna Fryben, CEO of the Kryolife cryotherapy center in New York City. “Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the patients who are treated with whole body cryotherapy — they actually also reported an alleviation of these symptoms,” she claims. There is little scientific research to back this up, but testimonials have been only positive thus far.

The costs for the treatment vary, but typically one visit is $40 and could be lower if put on a plan. Not bad for those who value their health and make it a complete priority over anything else.

Watch this very informative video, talking about exactly what cryotherapy is, and what to expect when it comes to even more health benefits.




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