8 Billionaire/Millionaire’s That Went From Riches To Rags…#1 Is Shocking



Let’s be honest, being able to generate a billion dollars is something to be proud of. The world has a population of over seven billion people, know how many people have ever hit billionaire status? 1,645. Men and women combined there’s only ever 1,645 billionaires, but the staggering stats proving how hard it is to achieve that status just keep pouring in. Only two-thirds of those people were self made billionaires! That’s not even a ten-thousandth of a percent of the global population! You have to think that maintaining that status isn’t something easily done.

I mean, take a look at this twitter ownage that billionaire T. Boone Pickens puts on rap artist Drake.


To be fair, T. Boone Pickens does have a couple years on Drake, but none the less, he puts him in his spot quick.

There are some challenges that you face when your wealth grows to this amount, some of them you wouldn’t think of:

– All the friends and family you weren’t aware you had before you acquired your wealth.

– The obtaining of this wealth just makes you greedy, you want more and you begin doing illegal things and using unethical loopholes to keep that wealth and make it grow.

– The headaches involved with trying to manage this much money; amounts of money that in some cases could change the world.

With that said (and we’re not talking from experience), we’re assuming you do have your share of fun times when you grow whatever business you have to this level. Well, here are 12 billionaires that reached that epic level and were brought down to reality again.

#8 – Jordan Belfort



This former multi-millionaire stockbroker used to have it all. More recently known from the blockbuster hit The Wolf of Wall Street (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), Jordan Belfort had yachts, planes, women, and drugs. At the age of 25, Jordan was reported to have made over 250 million dollars through his own stockbroking firm.

Jordan’s firm Stratton Oakmont was actually the inspiration behind the other hit movie Boiler Room. Let’s just say this guy was only good for a few movie ideas…




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