Is This The Future Of Movie Theaters?

4d-seatsWith new options coming along all the time, the in home viewing experience for movies and TV shows has greatly improved in recent years. With all this new convenience, movie theaters are having an increasingly tough time filling seats. A new company called CJ 4DPlex thinks they have the solution.

Much like early virtual reality rides at amusement parks, the company thinks that interactive movie theater seats that move, spray water, blow air and even tickle audience members will help boost ticket sales. The technology currently has a much larger reach in countries outside of the US but is looking to move aggressively into American theaters.

Additional features could include blowing bubbles to simulate being underwater or spraying fog to give the theater an eerie feel. Many see this technology as gimmicky and think that this sort of experience should stick to the amusement parks from where it came.

Would this technology make you more inclined to get in line to buy a ticket or are you happy at home with on demand content and Netflix?

What Do You Think?