Top 4 Tips To Build The Best Sandwich


We all know that building a sandwich isn’t very hard. In fact, its quite easy. But the real question remains, how do you build a GREAT sandwich?

What more people don’t realize, is that it actually takes proper strategy to build a great sandwich. You can’t just toss on meat, cheese, and some condiments to magically have a great sandwich. There really is more to it. You need to know how to properly layer ingredients, add the right amount of meat and cheese, and even how much condiments to put on.

With that said, we’ve compiled the top 5 tips you need to make the perfect sandwich.

1. Slice your meet properly

Have you ever taken a bite of a sandwich only to find out that when you pull away, half of the meat comes out? This is exactly what you want to avoid. Make sure that when you slice your designated meat, that you do so in a manner that can either be bitten into easily, or that the portions aren’t too large. This also helps with the overall taste of each bite since you’re you’re getting a better proportion of each ingredient and not just 1.

2. Balance out the ingredients

When you’re putting together your sandwich, make sure that you have a wide variety of textures included along with multiple flavors. This will give the sandwich not just a better presentation, but it will make sure that all of the condiments don’t just leak out.

3. Layer properly

Layering is key when it comes to putting the sandwich together properly. You will find that layering denser textures (meat and cheese) work better at the bottom of the sandwich while veggies and crunchy ingredients tend to work better at the top. A great tip here is to layer the lettuce throughout the sandwich to not only prevent slippage, but it also makes the overall presentation look better.

4. Watch the clock

If you’re someone who typically prepares your sandwich in the morning with plans on eating it for lunch, be conscious of what you’re putting on it. We recommend having your lettuce in a separate container do that it doesn’t get the bread all soggy. Another handy trick is to spread a light layer of butter on the inside of the bun. This will also prevent the bun from getting soggy.

If you follow the 4 tips above, we’re sure that you will enjoy not just a better tasting, but a better looking sandwich. Enjoy!


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