Food At Coachella Looks INSANE!

Coachella has become synonymous with overindulgence and excess. The ticket prices are very high and attendees have a tendency to use a liberal amount of mind altering substances while watching hundreds of bands at the 2 weekend music and arts festival in Indio, California.

The festival features more than just music, art and trust-fund hippies. The food this year was equally unique and indulgent. Take a look at some of this year’s offerings captured in pictures taken by festival-goers. Beware: they will make you hungry!

1. Garlic fries with crab meat toppings

coachella 1

2.  Breakfast bowl: rice, avocado, and egg

coachella 2

3.  Grilled cheese done right, with mozzarella sticks inside. Wow!

coachella 3

4.  Double scoop ice cream

coachella 4

5.  Ramen noodles with everything on it (no not the ones we all survived on in college)

coachella 5

6. French fires+pulled pork+slaw= amazing

coachella 6

7. Donuts and ice cream: a match made in heaven

coachella 7

8. Homemade Pop Tarts, bacon, and eggs.

coachella 8

9.  Lucky Charms ice cream between Fruity Pebbles cookies, just wow!

coachella 9


Not sure about you, but I am eating my fist at this point. The food game at Coachella continues to step up, one day many might go just for the grub and have the music be second on their list of priorities.



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