Baltimore Chaos Leads To National Guard


Utter chaos, and riots broke out triggered by sheer anger over the death of an African American while in police custody.

This young 25 year old man, by the name of Freddie Gray, died of severe spinal injuries 8 days after he was detained by the city police in Baltimore. Although there is not direct evidence linking the police and his injuries, many can safely assume this is another form of police brutality, especially against black suspects.

All of this hostility just, or unjust lead to the deployment of the National Guard troopers to take the streets in full battledress. This type of city unrest is very scary, as many were injured, and stores burned, and broken into, along with cars being destroyed.

baltimore map updated

Not even thousands of police officers could fully stop the civil outburst properly, which just shows you how much power the people have in numbers.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan had this to say,”This violence is not going to be tolerated,” he told reporters at the temporary checkpoint, manned by riot police and Guard troopers with assault rifles.”By tonight you’re going to see an overwhelming display of people out there on the streets protecting the citizens,” he vowed, in a nod to criticism that authorities were slow to act.

There is a curfew enforced for tonight Tuesday, and tomorrow night Wednesday starting at 10pm and lasting until 2am. Even schools are going to be shut down all week, for obvious safety measures.

15 police officers were injured, and 200 suspects were arrested overnight.

There are 5,000 troops ready, and would be deployed in massive force to protect people and property, said the National Guard commander Linda Singh.

This is a very scary civil rights struggle, and this type of unrest is leading to the government intervening even more, if these types of trends and violent outbursts continue, it could lead to some pretty aggressive measures being put in place by local police departments.

For all we know this event could look very minor, and things could get more aggressive and uglier. It appears things are heating up, and people are done being silent.

Check out this short video going over some of the events in Baltimore.

Stay tuned for more updates, hopefully this is the end of rioting for awhile.




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