Your Daily Commute To Work Could Be Harmful To Your Health


According to the US Census, the average American’s commute to work averages out to be around 25 minutes. In fact, for some Americans, it can be even longer.

Even more shocking, residents of Los Angeles are said to have spend over 90 hours stuck in traffic while New York City residents spend roughly 45 minutes per day getting to work and as we all know, commuting to work is probably the least favorite part of day.

So what exactly is harmful when commuting to work? Researchers say that long commutes everyday can lead to weight gain, neck pain, it can affect your mood, and also an increase in stress. A study done in Texas showed that those who had longer commutes tended to be more overweight than those with shorter commutes. What’s not surprising, is that those with the longer commutes were less likely to get the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

But how does one help counteract this effect? Simple: take more shorter breaks at work so you can walk around, take the stairs, and make it a priority to exercise as often as possible. This helps increase your movement throughout the day which ultimately helps out with your overall health.

Neck pain is another health concern noted for those with longer commutes. I is said that over a third of people who commute over 90 minutes report that they have ongoing neck and back pain. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise since most commutes are spent sitting down in uncomfortable seating.

Have you ever found yourself to be stressed out, which ultimately affects your mood? You’re not alone. These are another 2 effects of long commutes. According to the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics, those traveling more than 30 minutes a day for work tended to have higher anxiety levels. This is the main reason it then affected their mood.

What should you do next? Well, for those who absolutely have to commute that distance, try talking to strangers so that you aren’t left alone to your own thoughts. Make sure to stay as active as possible and of course, eat healthy.


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