Wellness at the Workplace


Things you need to know to keep lifestyle diseases at bay.

Climbing the corporate ladder offers lots of benefits for the individual. Who doesn’t want to work hard for a bigger pay check, bigger car, and a new home? However, with great power comes great responsibility, and as the pay check increases, the workload and responsibilities increase significantly as well. Therefore, it is necessary that you learn to balance your wellness at the workplace, in order to avoid lifestyle diseases that can lead to excessive stress.

Sitting at your workstation all day and staring at a computer screen can have an adverse affect on your health and will lead you to be more susceptible to diseases. Doing more work and multi-tasking is seen as a mark of efficiency today, but it tends to leave the individual to burnout, and more likely to be susceptible to lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. The stress in your life is never going to reduce but you can help yourself by adopting healthy practices, which will allow you to not only climb up the corporate ladder but also remain healthy at the same time.

Don’t Neglect Your Nutrition

When you are busy the entire day, junk food and snacks become a part of your staple diet, which can create metabolic disorders. It also leads to micro-nutrients and vitamin deficiency, and the majority of people today are already low on vitamin D, vitamin B, calcium and hemoglobin. You should therefore practicing eating small but wholesome meals and avoid unhealthy junk food.

Stop Chasing Targets

Incentive based performances can lead to depression, anxiety, disruption in sleep patterns, overeating, under-nutrition, and psychological stress. Chasing deadlines and targets for prolonged periods of time can leave you susceptible to chronic anxiety and depression. Don’t overload work on yourself, and become more organized.

Allow Yourself Downtime

Working all the time can increase the chances of burnout and if you don’t allow your body time to relax, rejuvenate and unwind, then you are enhancing the chances of stress for yourself. Stress is the major cause of many diseases today, so focus on taking long breaks and detox digitally. Disconnecting from your work mentally will increase performance at work, memory retention, alertness and your concentration.

A lot of us have goals to achieve and want to climb up the corporate ladder, but at what cost? You need to look after your health and focus on working smarter in order to not only be successful but healthy at the same time.



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