Tips To Help Alleviate Seasonal Allergies


There is nothing worse than suffering from seasonal allergies.

The attacks, and symptoms consist of itchy eyes, runny nose, and just overall fatigue, which can be a  huge nightmare. The only thing worse from suffering yourself with allergies, is being around somebody who is having a flare up. It can make even the most chipper people turn into ticking time-bombs.

Let us take a look at some potential unknown things could make your allergies worse than they need to be.

Produce with pollen

There is such  a thing as oral-allergy syndrome as well, so it is important to keep in mind certain fruits that could cause more of a reaction then you know. Apples, tomatoes, and cantaloupe seem to be the major cause for concern. so swallowing this produce that is laced with high pollen counts will cause itchy throat, mouth and cause some coughing symptoms as well.

Contact lenses

When there is an increase in pollen counts, it could be a wise choice to stick with wearing your glasses, instead of contact lenses. If you are using your finger to put on your contact lenses when pollen gets in your eye it stays there, and can be very painful when allergic. The soft contact lenses are especially prone to absorbing all of the junk floating around in the air, so it could be your best bet to think about disposable contact lenses, that way they do not get built up full of annoyances.


This cause is a very interesting trigger, as stress will only make symptoms even worse. There have been studies that show those with higher stress levels would experience even more regular flare ups. There is a solution to this problem , it is called relaxing. Get plenty of rest, drink water, and try meditation or finding your inner peace, this will without a doubt help your symptoms and cause less flare ups.


Red wine especially can cause your allergies to spin out of control, and will cause a stuffy nose. It is not exactly sure why red wine and beer cause more of the symptoms to be prevalent, but studies do indeed show that there is a direct link between allergies and alcohol.


Taking the wrong medication can be tough, and if looking for relief from your allergies shopping for the right medicine can be a chore. Well there are basically two types of medications out there: antihistamines and decongestants. Antihistamine is commonly known to help with sneezing, itchiness and that awful runny nose. Decongestants, focus more on clearing your nasal pathways to ensure a solid airflow.


Make sure to wash your clothes properly with warm water, because heavy wool sweaters and certain fabrics will be a brand new home to pollen and other pet dander to cause you lasting symptoms. Pro tip: wash your clothes frequently.


Your allergies will be way worse in windy conditions, along with sunny and dry days. Those are the ideal times for all of the trees to release their pollen, swirling up quite the storm of irritants. The heavy rain days will wash away, and clear the air of all of the pollen, giving temporary relief.


This list should help serve as a guide to make sure you are taking the proper precautions in order to save your body from a flare up, and help those around you as well not have to deal with your misery.




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