Burn More Calories All Day Long!

We are all busy people and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done we would like. Going to the gym everyday is not in the cards, and it can feel flat out daunting after a long day of work to squeeze in some much needed exercise.

Not everyone can get their butt into the gym to blast off 500+ calories a day, for those that do, that is truly awesome! For the rest of us that are hovering around our desks for 8 or more hours, then it could be a long time before you start to see results if you can only manage going to the gym 2-3 times a week if that.

We have great news!

Luckily there are some lesser known ways you can turn up that calorie burn, and we mean all day long.

Check out these awesome tips:

1. Wake and sweat

If you typically have limited time, based on your busy schedule make sure to set your alarm 15-20 minutes early and get that metabolism going. Do a small workout circuit consisting of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, some crunches and squats. Or maybe just a 8 min ab routine. This can literally jump start your day, wake up your body and start to burn off some of that dinner from last night.

2. Raise heart rate

“I try to find 10 opportunities during the day to raise my heart rate for one minute at a time,” says Tony Horton, creator of the P90x workout. It can be tough to stay consistent with this, but think about at the top of every hour doing 10 push-ups or squats, this alone could burn over 300 calories.

3. Keep your house cold

Keeping the AC on in your house, and lower the overall temperature will increase your body’s brown fat up-to 40%, and brown fat burns calories to help your body stay warm even when you are just sitting there on the couch. Pretty cool lesser known fact.

4. Stay on the floor

When just lounging around, instead of laying around on the couch, try sitting on the floor, this way your body will have to work harder to stay upright, and make your muscles support you. We are not saying get rid of your couch, just move it to the floor once in awhile to help optimize your burn.

5. Chew on gum

Studies at the University of Rhode Island show that those who chewed gum burned up-to 8% more calories, and some of the main reasons could be that it curbs cravings later in the day. Keeping away from those unnecessary snacks could be a huge boost if you add them up all week.

6. Smaller water bottle

By having a smaller water bottle, it will mean you have to get up from your desk more often and burn more calories. This can be very beneficial for your health, because not only are you getting up more frequently, you also should be drinking more water, which is always a good thing. 8-10 glasses a day is the minimum we should all have.

7. When the going gets tough…

The tough get going, so when you want to cut that workout and just be done, realize that you barley get to the gym as is, and that extra 5-10 minutes is probably the most crucial time, because your body is in its burn phase. It could be the difference of 100 calories, which means maybe you can cheat a bit and have one more bite of that delicious chocolate cake (no you cannot).

8. Listen to “Bangers”

There was a great study done, showing that correlation to those people who listened  to faster paced music, like rap which has over 120 beats per minute would optimize your workouts. Without even realizing it, you will naturally pick up your pace to match the beat, an excellent reason why hip hop is not dead.

9. Work the legs

The legs are the largest muscles in the body, and you burn more calories working them doing squats as opposed to doing arm curls, the legs use the most energy in the body as well.


Well, those are 9 excellent tips to help optimize your daily burn goals, even if you are truly too busy to get in the gym everyday. Make sure to check back for more excellent guides, and tips in our health section, we are sure to catch your eye on something that interests you.



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