North West Baptism Chaos!


North west getting baptized should have been a relaxing, spiritual, quite event, but just like any other Kardashian gathering it was a complete circus.

Kim Kardashian, Aunt Khloe, and Kanye West showed up Monday afternoon to the Saint James Cathedral, which is an Armenian church in Jerusalem to baptize the 22 month old North. They were supposed to be in Armenia for 8 days but left after 5 days, then went to Jerusalem.

The family was straight up mobbed when trying to walk into the church, making sure to shield the baby North from the huge crowd that gathered outside the church. It appears someone found out the couple was planning on having their child baptized, and word traveled very fast.

Check out this small video clip of the family getting overwhelmed.

After the couple finished up with the religious ceremony, Kim and Kanye had lunch with the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.

The plan is to leave Tuesday for Jordan.

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