Marvels Ant-Man Trailer (Full)


When the news broke a few years back that Ant-Man would be getting the silver screen treatment, many of us were confused as to how they would pull this relativity unknown super hero film off.

Judging from the most recent trailer that totals over 2:30 seconds of build up, action, humor, and cool CGI it appears that this film could be a another huge surprise when it comes to the superhero genre much like the now infamous “Guardians Of The Galaxy”.

Paul Rudd, and Michael Douglas lead this action packed trailer, getting to see a ton of brand new never before seen footage showing off the Ant-Man suit in action, along with Yellowjackets new look, and the storyline is semi built out for us.


For those that are not familiar to the story, it goes something like this. Hank Pym (Douglas) is the original Ant-Man and hes been sitting on his size shrinking technology, hiding it from the evil Darren Cross. He could only keep this technology a secret for so long, now Cross wants to take this shrinking ability and turn it into a mass produced weapon. Pym must enlist the help of Scott Lang (Rudd), and giving him the suit with the size changing powers, along with the ability to communicate with ants, and have super human strength. It will be up to Scott Lang to save the day.

It will remain to be seen if Marvel will add Ant-Man to their “phase 3” plans, and have this new character join up with the Avengers.

Watch this exciting new trailer, it will surely pump you up enough to think about viewing it this summer.



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