22 Celebrities Who Had Their iPhone Accounts HACKED!



The idea of getting hacked is scary, and almost sounds like something out of a movie from Hollywood.

Well this is no movie to these young stars that live in Hollywood, it was a nightmare, and an incredible invasion of their privacy. Paparazzi always flashing their cameras regardless of where you go is undoubtedly annoying to these superstars, but for your personal information, social media accounts,and photos that are truly private between you and your partners is crossing a whole new line. Things got ugly, and quickly heated up causing a huge stir throughout the media scene.


Let’s take a look at 12 celebrities that were victims of hacking!

1. Taylor Swift


T swift had her Instagram and Twitter account both hacked while she was away on a fun vacation. To think Americas sweetheart was robbed of her peace of mind is annoying, but do not worry, because she seemed to care less.





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